Exclusive All-In-One Resellers Community.

DubHaus is an exclusive community based on Discord that consists of sneakerheads & resellers. Since 2018, we have consistently provided our members with the resources they need to learn the ropes of the resell business & constantly generate profit. We are dedicated to your success.

Superior features for superior results. Stop paying for mediocre services that don't meet your expectations.

Exclusive Information.

Know how to secure each hype release with our accurate early links, variants & early information for Kith, SNKRS, Footsites, Shock Drops & more.

The Fastest Monitors. Period.

Our top-tier monitors support hundreds of sites and notify you instantly so you can checkout on hyped drops and restocks.

Custom Software & Tools.

All members receive access to our advanced ACO Extension, Supreme Bot, SMS alerts & more in-house tools at no extra charge.

Free Autocheckout.

No bot? No problem. Our slot providers run free and discounted slots every week. DubHaus has your back even when you're busy on drop days.

Dedicated Support Team.

Let our team guide you step by step so you can enhance your resell skills with excellent guides, site lists & 1-on-1 dedicated support.

Quality Groupbuys.

Upgrade your lineup. DubHaus continues to provide members with quality bot & proxy groupbuys to boost your resell experience.


Our community welcomes beginners and veterans alike; become a part of our tight-knit family that consistently grows.

More Opportunities.

DubHaus jumps steps ahead to supply our members with top calls in Card Flipping, Brick Reselling, Bot Flipping, Lowkey Flips, and more.

DubHaus is proud to be partnered with valued companies & providers to ensure our members gain access to exclusive groupbuys, services, and tools.
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Zephyr AIO.

DubHaus is partnered with Zephyr AIO, a powerful & innovative AIO bot supporting Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, Finishline & Mesh. We are set to receive consistent waves of invites.

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AYCD ensures that setting up for drops is fast and easy for members. Includes One Click Tool, Spoof By AYCD, Profile & Billing Converter, Bot Manager & Server/Proxy Generator/Tester.

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Splash Station.

DubHaus has partnered with SplashStation, to provide members with affordable and safe bot rental services. This enables our members to easily set up for important drops.

"I’ve copped so much from this group all manual but other groups I can’t. This group is very worth it and appreciate the work they put into it."
hi im gosu
"Thanks Brodie couldn’t do it without the amazing fam here in dubhaus y’all been with me since day 1 of my reseller game"
"If it weren’t for dubhaus, I wouldn’t be cooking and eating like I do"
Max Sax (MS)
"Thanks for this amazing group just feel this group way more than my other selfish group"
Jinja Sama
"I’m comin up in the world and this group helped me save some money up so I thank @raf and all other moderators and the family itself in here appreciate you all"
"thanks to my friend @raf introducing me to the discord and @Max Sax (MS) showing me how discord works and what good out there. I wish i know about this long time ago."
money issues
"@raf just wanna let you know this group is really great and fun to be in. The sneaker groups I am in in Facebook is so toxic. Not friendly and helpful like this one"

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Why should I join DubHaus?

We have been active for two years and have helped our members make thousands in profit.

Do I need to have a bot?

You do not need a bot! We have lots of success with our members going manual.

How much does DubHaus cost?

DubHaus is currently priced at $40/month. You can cancel at anytime. All sales are final.

What countries do you support?

We support USA, Canada, Europe, Asia & Australia.

Payment methods accepted?

We currently utilize stripe for payments. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, & Discover cards are accepted. Prepaid cards are not accepted.

Will DubHaus make it easier to learn?

Without a doubt. You will learn step by step how to grow as a reseller.