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Stop missing drops or restocks! Get links instantly to checkout in your sizes on over 300+ sites.

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Our team will guide you step by step with guides, site lists, mentoring, courses & 1-on-1 dedicated support.

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Our team will ensure you never receive fakes from another seller. Never spend on legit-checking again.

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Members-only access to our software which will shave seconds off the checkout process.

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Receive critical text messages prior to shock drops & important updates.

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We track all stores worldwide for limited release raffles and send them directly to you.

Reselling At Your Fingertips

We go further to provide you with the most accurate early links, variants, robust bot setups, stock numbers & groupbuys to enhance your sneaker reselling journey. Paired with more features such as… 

Often times resellers have the potential of making the same as or more from 'brick' sneakers than hyped releases. We provide several links & in-store alerts to help our members secure them.

There is no end to random products that pop up throughout the months that will yield a significant profit if you choose to dive into these flips. These can range anywhere from funko to art and collectibles, tickets, and more.

Never second guess if a product will be profitable or not. Our extensive release channels will give you assurance of what you should focus on and what should be dropped.

Card flipping has seen strong growth throughout the past year and we are in on it. We provide you with the calls and tricks you need to know to flip Sports or Pokemon cards for profit.

Investing in the right sneaker can sometimes net you more profit than stocks. Receive our detailed analysis of which sneakers will prove to bring in major returns.

Take advantage of various price errors or major discounts on a multitude of useful products online.

Make use of bots or our knowledgeable community to assist you with all your homework needs.

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Since 2018, we’ve been pushing our members to excel their sneaker game. Our dedication to your success is our number one priority. This means adding new features, sites, & support to keep us on top.

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"I’ve copped so much from this group all manual but other groups I can’t. This group is very worth it and appreciate the work they put into it."
hi im gosu
"Thanks Brodie couldn’t do it without the amazing fam here in dubhaus y’all been with me since day 1 of my reseller game"
"If it weren’t for dubhaus, I wouldn’t be cooking and eating like I do"
Jinja Sama
"I’m comin up in the world and this group helped me save some money up so I thank @raf and all other moderators and the family itself in here appreciate you all"
"Honestly I'm so glad picked this group y'all some really tight people"


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DubHaus is a proud partner with ZephyrAIO, a powerful bot supporting Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, & Finishline. We are set to receive consistent waves of keys.


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    Why should I join DubHaus?

    We have been established for two years & have helped our members make thousands in profit & secure their favorite sneakers. Our team guides you throughout to make sure you are on a productive path.

    Do I need to have a bot?

    You do not need a bot! Our members have shown much success without one.

    How much does DubHaus cost?

    DubHaus is currently priced at $39.99/month. You can cancel at anytime. All sales are final.

    When does DubHaus restock?

    Stay tuned to our instagram or twitter for restock updates.

    Will being a member help me?

    We do our utmost to provide you with resources others do not have access to. This translates to your success throughout membership.

    How long are your subscriptions?

    Our membership renews every 30 days.

    Which countries do you support?

    We currently provide resources for USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, & Asia.

    Where is DubHaus hosted?

    We are hosted on our private discord server.

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